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Cobra Simulation enters full motion simulation market using the latest innovations.

on Tuesday, 09 April 2024. Posted in April 2024

The Cobra320 Motion based flight simulator brings together class leading technology from across the industry as the company seeks investment to scale up its operations.

Cobra has a history of disrupting the simulation market combing innovation with class leading design that puts the user at the centre of the experience.

Coventry University has played a crucial role supporting that vision, and in March 2024 we hit a momentous milestone having commissioned our first Cobra320 Motion simulator within Coventry University’s high performance engineering centre. Alongside our newly commissioned Cobra Simulation suite, engineering students at Coventry University have access to state of the art facillities which include a metal and composite material 3D printing and rapid prototyping suite, Mercedes Petronas 1/5 scale Wind tunnel, 5-axis milling machine and industry standard analysis and simulation software.

Cora320 Motion Launch 2

In this Cobra320 motion variant a full-size replica Cessna 172 cockpit is housed inside our 3.2 metre exoskeleton dome display. A 180-degree horizontal and 80-degree vertical field of view delivers a fully immersive visual experience for the pilots. This simulator is mounted on a six degrees of freedom platform which simulates pitch, roll, heave, sway, surge, and yaw movements along with engine vibration of the aircraft. Further enhancing the immersive feedback for pilots.

Cora320 Motion Launch 3

Alexander Bradley the company's Managing Director said.

"We made a decision to diversify and expand our capability. We wanted to demonstrate to the industry that there is a still a niche market to address outside of the growing case for XR. Mid-sized, light weight, cost effective full motion flight simulators.

With projected growth quoted to be 52% over the next 6 years in the e-VTOL market alone means an increasing demand for pilots and thus simulators to train them. Cobra Simulation and our partners stand ready to meet that demand.”

Patricia Ashman Associate Head of Future Transport Engineering at Coventry University.

“The integration of the Cobra Simulation suite into our state-of-the-art engineering centre enhances our ability as a University to effectively equip our aerospace engineering students with the skills required to make significant contributions to a technologically fast paced industry upon completion of their studies.

The collaboration with the Cobra team on this initiative exemplifies a remarkable partnership demonstrating how industry and academia can collaborate to create something truly exceptional”.

Located in the Heart of England, Coventry University’s School of Future Transport. This industry and research informed approach to teaching and learning is internationally recognised, shaping the unique culture of their future-facing institution. Student and laboratory facilities are hosted within its inspirational state of the art buildings comprising a total investment approaching £100 million pounds.

Alexander adds.

“It’s been a truly collaborative project, and we look forward to sharing a number of stories over the coming months about the technology and partners we have worked with”.

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