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Cobra Curved Display deployed in the simulation training sector

on Wednesday, 28 January 2015. Posted in January 2015

Cobra150 enhances the simulation training sector

Would being able to display flat TV or computer content on an immersive, 3-dimensional, spherical screen give you competitive edge?  Would simulating real world scenarios or environments improve your business performance, experience or message?

At Cobra Simulation we provide ready to ship and bespoke hardware and software solutions to the training, communication, entertainment and medical sectors to help significantly enhance experiences and outcomes. 

cobracurveddisplay win7 pc 4K projector


Military personnel, commercial organisations and academics deserve and demand the finest possible training experience.  At Cobra Simulation we create training solutions that significantly increase fidelity and presence.  This enhances trainee satisfaction, which results in improved knowledge acquisition and retention as well as reducing operational risk and time investment by as much as 20%.  This allows you to achieve a substantially improved ROI (Return on Investment).

Product Overview

The viewing area is 1.8 metres at its widest point and 1metre in height offering up to 150° Horizontal and 66° Vertical field of view, displaying up to 6.5 million pixels with an impressive 5arc minute resolution. It comes in 2 main parts requiring only 10 nuts and bolts to assemble the main unit. All Cobra Curved Displays are supplied with a single PC locked commercial or personal license with our unique and easy to use calibration tool. It ships on a single UK pallet via road and sea has fully re-usable custom made packaging.

The smallest details were considered when developing the Cobra Curved Display, from assembly, installation, packaging and transportation through to its modern elegant design giving it centre stage in any environment. Our bundles offer exceptional value for orgainsations who want to move away from flat screens.

Our 4K entry bundle includes:

-          Cobra Curved Display

-          High quality re-usable packaging

-          4K projector

-          4K cable pack

-          Cobra True Dimension warping software

-          Single user commercial or personal license

-          12 month RTB warranty

 Optional extras:

-          Ambient Management Pack

-          D630 support stand

-          Installation

-          Premium Support (Yearly subscription)

Managing Director Alexander Bradley said “Since launching the Cobra Curved Display, we have consistently received positive feedback from our network of clients and partners. We have new stock available to ship and are looking forward to supporting new clients throughout 2015.”

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