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Armagh Observatory & Planetarium

Armagh Observatory & Planetarium

on Wednesday, 26 July 2023. Posted in July 2023

Armagh Observatory & Planetarium selects Cobra Simulation and REA Sound for immersive video wall. In their Digital Visualisation Lab.

Did you know? That we have immersive domes being used to support astronomy projects being carried out around the world. The Cobra150 Venom installed at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is one example of where our unit has played this important role.

The Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century saw a steady increase in the study of science. Astronomy at that time found itself at the forefront both with the increased interest in experimentation and observations, and with the increase in maritime trading, for which the science of navigation by celestial objects was crucial.

During this period Richard Robinson, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, a rich and influential man used his strengths to promote and build several charitable and educational institutions, particularly in Armagh.

Armagh Observatory was one such project, constructed in 1790 on College Hill. It is the oldest scientific institution in Northern Ireland. Its main purpose was as an educational and research centre. Robinsons ultimate vision was to build a new university in the city. The Observatory site has gone through many changes since its inception and in 1968 was expanded to include the Planetarium.

The Planetarium has a large seated observation theatre with a state-of-the art digital projector system which provides visitors an immersive experience through the universe under the full dome. 

Cobra Simulation, through our preferred partners, (Rea Sound NI) Ltd, delivered an immersive visual solution that extends their data set research capability, supports the design, monitoring, real time optimisation of the immersive content being shown on the large auditorium immersive dome display and look at new ways to engage the public in the planetarium.

Ciaran Magee, ICT Manager said:

 “Reviewing data sets along with optimising the projected image being shown in our dome theatre has become so much simpler to manage. Having the desktop sized immersive visual display in the office instantly provides that point of interaction which we were previously missing. Armagh’s astronomers have been able to engage directly with visitors taking them on personalised tours of the cosmos and we no longer need to wait on the attraction closing to review content. The support and service levels received from Cobra Simulation throughout have been excellent.”

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