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Simulation Displays Plan Major Launches at ITEC 2013

on Thursday, 16 May 2013. Posted in May 2013

At ITEC 2013 Simulation Displays will launch the new SD-Cobra Curved Display™, a unique, low-cost, full immersive display.

The SD-Cobra Curved Display is a combination of a high quality spherical panoramic display, supporting a single projector, and with a small footprint.

The 150° horizontal and 66° vertical field of view gives users a high resolution, full immersive experience at low-cost. It can be desktop or stand mounted, is portable, with simple assembly and is the ideal solution for multiple applications, including military use, vehicle training, flight simuation, automotive simulation and education. Simulation Displays will be running this with VBS2 software from Bohemia Interactive Simulations' three-dimensional, PC-based synthetic interactive environment.

The new display will be introduced at a seminar entitled 'Desktop and Single User Immersive Simulation', given by Greg Jeffreys, CEO, Simulation Displays Ltd. as part of the Innovation Showcase, at 1230-1300 hrs on Wednesday 22nd May, and will be demonstrated on Simulation Displays' stand G110.

Simulation Displays to take on Cobra Curved Display

on Monday, 13 May 2013. Posted in May 2013



Simulation Displays, a division of Paradigm Audio Visual, have been appointed sole corporate UK resellers of Cobra Simulations’ Cobra Curved Display.

Marketed as SD-Cobra Curved Display™, this is a low-cost, portable and feature rich immersive display solution, featuring a ‘panadome spherical projection screen’, driven by a single projector. It is designed to offer maximum impact and maximum compatibility with current content.

Desktop or stand-mountable, it provides a unique dome-type immersive experience for single or twin users within its small footprint, with a wide field of view coupled with the latest in first surface mirror technology. Protected by the Cobra’s unique hood, it is perfect for any immersive application.

Manufactured in Livingston, Scotland, the Cobra system has many advantages, as a self-contained unit, which is both easy to transport and set up. It will make its debut at his month’s ITEC 2013 at Fiera di Roma (May 22-24) where Simulation Displays will demonstrate its suitability for military, flight simulation and training applications.

The display will be optimised via VBS2 software from Bohemia Interactive Simulations — this is a three-dimensional, PC-based synthetic interactive environment for individual and collective training. VBS2 runs on an open platform and trainees are immersed in life-like virtual environments on standard desktop computers.

Said Simulation Displays’ Business Development Director, Henry van der Helm, “In addition to the core markets of military training and flight simulation, we see huge potential for Cobra in other areas of simulation such as extreme gaming, and applications ranging from 3D movies to education and long distance comms, where we can put together specific tailored packages.”

Added Alexander Bradley, Managing Director, Cobra Simulations, “The appointment of Simulation Displays in the UK we believe is key to the development and distribution of the Cobra Curved Display. Our resellers are considered best in class when delivering immersive simulation solutions and in an industry where the technology is constantly evolving we recognise that it takes a special type of team to deliver growth in today’s economy. We have taken a great deal of time to get to know the business and team at Simulation Displays and are delighted to announce this strategic partnership.”                                   

About Simulation Displays

Simulation Displays Ltd (SD) is Europe’s leading simulation displays specialist. This relatively new name was in fact a significant division within the Paradigm AV group before being separated into a standalone company in 2011. Its large roster of international clients includes QinetiQ, CAE, Rockwell Collins, Google, Formula 1 racing teams and many others. The company’s open, transparent and professional working culture has been key in winning some high profile projects, including a series of 7m fully immersive fast-jet dome simulators for an overseas client of CAE. It is growing fast based upon reputation and a committed team of professionals, based at our factory in Bedford, UK.

Simulation Displays is unique in a number of ways, specialising exclusively on displays, allowing it to work with many partners and clients. It has a large demonstration, evaluation and testing facility at its factory in Bedford, specialising in validating and proving designs before they go to site; domes, curved screens, caves, 3D, collaboration, interactive and training displays are but part of the resource. The use of lab quality meters is backed by team members who are active in academic work on projected displays and who moderate and participate in writing ANSI and ISO Standards.

Simulation Displays has and is developing significant intellectual property and designs for simulation and reality projects at all ends of the scale. Apart from the very top end domes (front and rear projection), SD builds, installs and maintains caves, curved/cylindrical displays, ‘power wall’ and other large screen displays – all with and without interactive, motion tracking and 3D options. However a strategic developing area of specialism is in the realm of low cost simulation, which will be key for many markets including the Bohemia VBS2 type applications; SD has some unique products in this sector alone.