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Orihalcon gives Cobra its first appearance at the Tokyo Game Show

on Tuesday, 20 September 2016. Posted in September 2016

CEO Toshiyuki Takahei of Orihalcon was the first to showcase the 1.8m Cobra Curved Display at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. An event renowned for innovation and Asia’s most prestigious platform for new developments in the gaming industry.


Recent developments in VR have seen a big rise in demand for alternative ways to share head mounted content with larger audiences. A growing market for Cobra and its partners, its smaller desktop immersive panodome is well placed to meet that demand at big events. Toshiyuki explains how their software is designed to capture VR content and display that content within a dome in both 2D and 3D allowing a large audience to see developing or new VR titles in an immersive environment without having to consistently swap sweaty headsets with a queue of game hungry visitors.

The solution put together at Orihalcon has already been met with a wave of enquiries as developers and events companies alike are keen to benefit from this new solution at future events and in house design aids.

The Cobra Curved Display is a 1.8m immersive panodome display that uses first surface mirror technology instead of a fish eye projection lens to deliver a high quality, high resolution content to a dome display for immersive visualization within the simulation industry.

Cobra Simulation is working closely with Toshiyuki and the team at Orihalcon to support the development of the solution. A fully interactive on site demo is available to experience at our partner’s showroom in Japan. You can contact the team at Orihalcon on TEL: 03-6304-8356 or visit their website at

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