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Did you know? Collimation in VR

Did you know? Collimation in VR

on Friday, 23 June 2023. Posted in June 2023

Did you know? That Cobra Simulation built a prototype collimated VR headset in 2014

Did you know? That Cobra Simulation built a prototype collimated VR headset in 2014 which could support a whopping 180° horizontal field of view, this was at the time the first DK1 Oculus VR headsets were gaining traction. Unfortunate timing on our part, or was it? Kudos to Palmer Luckey. Cobra's founder Alexander Bradley has always had a passion for technology and innovation. Taking existing technologies, combining them to create something unique. We often look up to established companies like Varjo, Valve corporation, Meta who after investment have a polished marketing machine, excellent engineers, superb products and a great roadmap. But early day innovation in the real world is far from glossy. Everyone has a story to tell. No fancy marketing, clobbered together tech, late nights, early mornings and no money. Hard work and perseverance will eventually get you to a working proof of concept. “Big shout out to all those early start-ups out there” We asked Alexander Bradley CEO at Cobra Simulation about some of his experiences he said:

“That’s what I am most passionate about, I thrive off solving technical problems especially when I am told its not possible, working with great people and of course the engineering. I love the raw rough and ready process of getting a concept to work, the no frills way."

Asked, how 'no frills' are we talking? He recalled:

The actual bowl from 2004, credit to Simon Blair for the oscar winning recreation.

I remember in my early twenties sticking my head inside our friends mixing bowl and projecting on to its outer surface to create my first DIY Virtual Reality headset....ish.

Alexanders head tracking solution in the noughties

"Then creating my first tracked headset using a motorbike helmet and the newly released Track IR. It actually worked"

"Hilarious times but that’s what it’s all about. Who cares what it looks like or how crazy people think you are. Run with it, have fun and maybe...just maybe."

These days Cobra Simulation has a very well-established global presence in the immersive visual display market with a long list of clients. It continues to focus on research & development of immersive technologies.

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