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Cobra150 Venom ®

portable multi-purpose dome display

Optimised for single users the Cobra150 Venom® is a low cost, high quality, portable immersive display solution. The system combines our JTAC accredited 1.8m panorama dome display, patented folded optics, Cobra image generator and world class 8K projector hardware from partners such as JVCPanasonic, Canon, Barco, Optoma and Sony.

The user is immersed into an interactive training environment. The content is then geometrically corrected in real time using our unique Cobra OmniWarp® software. The end result high quality, high fidelity and a highly immersive experience.

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Cobra150 Venom Datasheet
Technical Specifications
Diameter (mm)

1800 (70 inches)

Radius (mm)


Screen Gain (Approx.)


Screen Colour


Horizontal (field of view)



+/- 33°

Single Channel
Average Resolution (up to)

1.69 arcmin/pix (0.79 Kell Factor)

Brightness (Factor 0.75)

>17ft Lamberts (3000l)