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Cobra320 Motion ®

Multi user and cockpit installations

Where an immersive training dome environment is needed for more than one person, or a large simulation installation. A vehicle cockpit for example. Using the OmniFocus™ patented folded lens system, we offer maximum resolution on a large dome with the minimal number of projectors. This 3.2 metre dome is light weight and delivers a 180° horizontal field of view by +/- 40° vertical field of view. The Cobra320 Motion is certified for use on motion platforms and fully customisable. Speak to a member of our team for more information.

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Cobra320 Motion Datasheet
General Specification

Cessna 172



Pilot Horizontal (Field Of View)

+/- 90°

Pilot Vertical (Field Of View)



Image Generator

X-Plane 11/12

Instructor Station

TRC Simulation Suite

Dome Technical Specifications
Diameter (mm)

3200 (126 inches)

Radius (mm)

1600 (63 inches)

Screen Gain (Approx.)


Screen Colour


Horizontal (field of view)



+/- 40° (80°)

Single Channel
Average Resolution (up to)

2.17 arcmin/pix (0.79 Kell Factor)

Brightness (Factor 0.75)

>5ft Lamberts (3000l)

>9ft Lamberts (5000l)

Dual Channel
Average Resolution (up to)

1.74 arcmin/ pix (0.79 Kell Factor)

Brightness (Factor 0.75)


Dimensions (Dome and Visuals)
Width (mm)

3511 (1378 inches)

Depth (mm)

1721 (68 inches)

Height (mm)

2489 (98 inches)


370kg (approx)

OmniFocus Single/ Dual Channel Optics
Venom - Motion

Native 4K DLP Projector 2500l 120hz

Venom - Motion Dual

Native 4K DLP Projector 2500l 120hz x2

Cobra OmniWarp Software Requirements

32/64 bit

Direct X


Open GL

v2.0 and above

Valid Product Code

1 licence (subscription per channel)

Vioso Pro Warp & Blend Requirements

32/64 bit

Direct X


Open GL

v2.0 and above

Valid Product Code

1 licence (subscription per channel)


Multiple Viewports/ Channel*

*Application integration required


Fully Automated single button re-calibration

Motion Platform Specification
Pitch (disp/ vel)

±15°, ±30°/s

Roll (disp/ vel)

±15°, ±30°/s

Yaw (disp/ vel)

±15°, ±30°/s

Heave (disp/ vel)

±200mm, ±325mm/s

Surge (disp/ vel)

±200mm, ±325mm/s

Sway (disp/ vel)

±200mm, ±325mm/s

Power Requirement

(UK) 220VAC, 50Hz, Three Phase 13A, Single Phase 32A

Gross Certified Payload

1000kg (Net weight 817kg)

Safety Features

2x Emergency Motion Stop Buttons

Mains Power Cut Button

Power Fail Electromagnetic Fall Arrest System


All quoted displacement and velocity figures are maximum acheivable based on this configuration. Motion platform performance figures may increase/ decrease subject to simulator and client requirements.

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