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Generative worlds from sparse points - CobraWorld

From just a sparse set of aerial LiDAR scanned points, the CobraWorld plugin can generate photorealistic digital twin walkable, driveable training grounds, data visualization maps, for interactive immersive applications using Unreal Engine 5.
1km x 1km CobrWorld prototype using LiDAR data including Guilford Golf and Country Club in Canada.
Patent Application No GB2307631.8


Vastly reduce the cost & time involved recreating outdoor locations for film and tv production. Enable many current game platforms to generate highly detailed photorealistic environments in real time. Provide our defence forces with critical terrain intelligence to support military operations and training. AND Enhance current navigation and data visualisation products like google earth. The key USP behind this innovation is that our technology allows you to do this much quicker, more efficiently than current dated techniques.

Simulation Training

Data Visualization


Terrain Intelligence

CobraWorld amplify's real-world scan data in the most efficient way possible to explore at close range with high quality for training, simulation and video game applications. The plugin performs procedural 3D world generation processing upon aerial LIDAR scan data, which is often noisy, sparse and incomplete, but holds sufficient core information to reconstruct large areas of terrain rapidly with appropriate inference.

That is, CobraWorld applies rich local surface material, and shape details from simple point cloud data clusters by mapping matched ‘templates’ to high-quality pre-scanned local surfaces. Each template is procedurally varying so no two surfaces are exactly alike, and blend seamlessly together with distance field methods to form a complete digital twin of the real world.
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Plugin Result

Processed by the CobraWorld plugin. Using a 1km x 1km area of sparse Dales LiDAR data from Surrey Canada.

Import Data

Scan LiDAR

We are able to reconstruct large areas of terrain rapidly in photo realistic textures. Creating digital twins of that location but for use at walking or drivable eye level.